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Ergonomic Programs
Momentum can train in-house personnel to become members of an Ergonomic Committee. Personnel will learn to recognize "Risk Factors" that may lead to Cumulative Trauma Disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Shoulder Impingement Syndrome, and Low Back Injuries. They will also learn how to initiate changes in work activities that will reduce these risk factors.

Momentum is also available as a consultant for Ergonomic Committee meetings.

Transitional Work Program
A job-specific survey designed to quantify joint stress. A group of eligible jobs are rated in terms of their relative demand on the neck, back, shoulders, elbows, hands, and knees. This information is used for placing injured workers into a job compatible with their injury. As the worker recovers, they are able to progress through a series of jobs that are gradually more demanding on their injured body segment, and eventually to their "regular-duty" job.

Job Analysis
A comprehensive assessment of a job to identify risk of injury. It includes suggestions for possible modification of the work station, procedures, or work posture.

Job Description
An ADA compatible job description, quantifying weight, frequency, and work posture. Essential job functions are identified to determine reasonable accommodation for injured workers.

Back Injury Prevention Program
An educational training program designed to meet the special needs of the client. Programs can range from a 15 minute overview to an 8 hour comprehensive program. Proper posture, material-handling techniques, "smart work strategies" will be discussed. This may also be used as a "Train the Trainer" Program for administrative staff members.

Cumulative Trauma Prevention Program
Similar in format to the Back Injury Prevention Program. Emphasis is placed on the common upper extremity cumulative trauma injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, DeQuervain's tendonitis, shoulder impingement syndrome, etc.

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