Aquatic Therapy

In response to a local need for aquatic therapy, Momentum Therapeutics expanded the facility in 1991 to accommodate a warm-water pool. The pool is 20 X 32 feet with depths ranging from 3 1/2 to 6 ft. The water temperature is maintained at 93 degrees and the air temperature is 88 degrees. There are benches with Jacuzzi jets and a lift to transfer patients from wheelchairs to the pool. Men’s and women’s locker rooms and shower facilities adjoin the pool area.

Aquatic therapy is the treatment of choice for people with wide-spread pain who don’t tolerate land-based exercise. It is also useful for people who are unable to bear full weight on their legs or need the buoyancy of the water to help support their limbs. The deep area is useful for back patients who benefit from the traction-like effect of hanging in the water.

The relatively high temperature of the water improves muscle elasticity allowing for comfortable stretching exercises. As a person progresses, they are able to use the water’s natural resistance to for more aggressive exercises. The goal for most patients is to gradually move from the pool to land-based activities in preparation for graduation from physical therapy to a home exercise program.

Momentum also has Arthritis Exercise Classes for groups of people on Tuesdays and Thursdays at a nominal fee.

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